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The Input component is a component that is used to get user input in a text field.



Here's a basic usage example of the Input component:

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Changing the size of the Input#

There are three sizes of an Input:

  • sm (24px)
  • md (32px)
  • lg (40px)
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Changing the appearance of the input#

The input component comes in 4 variants: outline, unstyled, flushed, and filled. Pass the variant prop and set it to one of these values.

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Left and Right Addons#

Like bootstrap, you can add addons to the left and right of the Input component. Chakra UI exports InputGroup, InputLeftAddon, and InputRightAddon to help with this use case.

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Add elements inside Input#

In some scenarios, you might need to add an icon or button inside the input component. Chakra UI exports InputLeftElement and InputRightElement to help with this use case.

If the left or right is an icon or text, you can pass pointerEvents="none" to InputLeftElement or InputRightElement to ensure that clicking on them focused the input.

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Password Input Example#

Let's use these components to create a password input with a show/hide password functionality:

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Controlled Input#


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Changing the focus and error border colors#

You can change the border color that shows when the input receives focus (focusBorderColor) and when isInvalid is set to true (errorBorderColor). The value can be set to a color in the theme object, like teal.400, or a raw CSS value.

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The Input component composes Box so you can pass all Box props, and React.InputHTMLAttributes.

asReact.ElementTypeinputThe component to use in place of input.
aria-labelstringThe accessible label to use, in scenarios where the input has no visible label. A11y: Is useful for screen readers.
aria-describedbystringThe id of the element that describes the input. It is useful for screen readers.
isDisabledbooleanfalseIf true, the input will be disabled. This sets aria-disabled=true and you can style this state by passing _disabled prop.
isInvalidbooleanfalseIf true, the input will indicate an error. This sets aria-invalid=true and you can style this state by passing _invalid prop.
isRequiredbooleanfalseIf true, the input element will be required.
isFullWidthbooleanfalseIf true, the input element will span the full width of it's parent.
isReadOnlybooleanfalseIf true, prevents the value of the input from being edited.
sizesm, md, lgmdThe visual size of the input element.
variantoutline, unstyled, flushed, filledoutlineThe variant of the input style to use.
focusBorderColorstringThe border color when the input is focused.
errorBorderColorstringThe border color when isInvalid is set to true.
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