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Chakra UI Team & Contributors

The people listed on this page have contributed time, effort, and thought to Chakra UI. Without them, this project would not be possible.

Core Team 🤝

Segun Adebayo

Building @chakra-ui ⚡️. Design Systems and UI Engineer

Jonathan Bakebwa

Building @chakra-ui/vue | Co-founder, UI Engineer @Akkadu

Folasade Agbaje

UI Engineer | Front End Developer

Jason Miazga

Senior Developer at VNDLY | Organizer for Momentum Developer Conference and Cincinnati Software Craftsmanship meetup

Gerrit Alex

frontend engineer @interhyp, core contributor @chakra-ui, /r/webdev discord admin, self taught

Tioluwani Kolawole

Frontend/React developer

Mark Chandler

User Experience Developer at VNDLY. Obsessed with React, UX, component libraries, GraphQL, and AWS.

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Project Contributors 💖